video for internet delivery

Video production for internet delivery is a rapidly growing specialisation at Zeban.

We are equipped with a suite of High Definition cameras, lights, background screens, and telepropmters. Ready to record at our place or yours.

Video editing is completed in the Final Cut Pro X suite of software which includes Motion (for graphics) and Compressor (for preparation of files for streaming).

Coming from Zeban’s strong background in professional audio, we are also equipped with a great collection of dynamic, condenser and ribbon microphones, as well as a suite of microphone preamps. Recordings done in our studio at Seventeen Mile Rocks are captured on our ProTools HD systems.

Great audio is important to us. While some consider that video is all about the pictures, we know that it’s great audio that makes your corporate video stand out and deliver your message.

Within our ProTools systems we run a few premium forensic audio plugins (primarily iZotope RX4 Advanced) which enable us to remove noise, distortion and excessive reverberation from audio recordings.

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    Product Videos

    As customers research their next purchases they are looking for more than advertising slogans and feature lists. They want to see and hear a product in action.

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    Training Videos

    On-line learning is a massively expanding market as we all seek to learn 'how to' - without having to attend formal classes.

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    Audio Post Production

    Audio is an essential component of any good video. Zeban specialises in professional audio recording, restoration and post production.

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    Testimonial Videos

    The best way to win new clients is through recommendations of existing clients. Testimonial videos are the new 'word of mouth'.

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    Closed Captioning

    Closed Captioning (or sub-titles) are needed in all forms of video for the internet. Search engines can't read and index pictures - they need words. Thus closed captioning is essential for the SEO of video content.

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