Audio and Acoustics Solutions

integrated sound systems and acoustic treatment

Zeban has many years of experience with professional audio and acoustic treatment.

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    Acoustic Technologies

    Acoustic Technologies is Australia's largest manufacturer of professional audio speaker enclosures. The catalogue includes line array systems for concert applications right through to miniature enclosures used in audio installations.

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    Primacoustic manufactures a range of acoustic treatment products designed for treating all sorts of spaces: recording studios, school auditoriums and classrooms, restaurants and bars, and commercial spaces.

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    We all enjoy the ambience of a good restaurant where the background music is clear but we are also able to enjoy the conversation of out friends. This balance requires a well designed audio system as well as appropriate acoustic treatment.

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    Education spaces such as classrooms and auditoriums (especially shared-use sports courts) are notoriously reverberent. Without acoustic treatment, any pa system in such rooms will never be able to fill the space with clear audio.

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    Offices and Boardrooms

    Commercial spaces are often built to a strict budget and acoustic considerations are usually ignored. Such spaces often become less than ideal for purpose. Teleconferencing is difficult in overly-reverberant boardrooms.

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