Acoustic Technologies Blackbird TLA1163 – mono system

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Acoustic Technologies Blackbird TLA1163 mono system is the most compact and portable system available in the TLA1.3 range of self powered modular loudspeaker systems which provides true line array performance in a compact and highly portable package.

Blackbird TLA1163 mono system Components

This complete package is comprised of the following components:

  • 1x TLA1163 16 Element Line Array
  • 1x TLA210A Powered System Sub
  • 1x Flight Case to suit TLA1163
  • 1x Canvas Cover to suit TLA210A
  • 1x Speaker Lead

Blackbird TLA1163 mono system Features

The TLA1.3 is made up of three system components: the TLA1163 Mid-High Line Array, the self powered TLA210A Sub Bass Cabinet and the passive TLA210B Sub Bass Cabinet.

The TLA1163 Line Array utilises 16x 3″ Neodymium transducers to provide true line array performance with exceptional clarity and transient response. Dispersion is tightly controlled at 120° (H) x 15° (V) allowing the system coverage to be focused to the audience area. The TLA1163 features a custom extruded aluminium enclosure for reduced weight without compromising the sound quality or cabinet strength.

The TLA210A Sub Bass system uses 2x 10″ Neodymium transducers for a smooth extended low frequency response. The TLA210A cabinet incorporates the TLA1.3 System’s electronic processing and amplification. The on-board networkable DSP and closely coupled 2,500 Watts RMS Dual Channel Class D Amplifier provide exceptional high power performance and excellent system reliability under all operating conditions. One channel of the amplifier powers the sub bass system with the other channel powering the TLA1163 Line Arrays.

The TLA210B is a passive sub bass system featuring the same system components and performance characteristics as the TLA210A. The sub bass cabinets are crafted from high grade birch ply and are fitted with two pole mount adaptors, handgrips and aluminium feet.

The TLA1.3 System offers a highly flexible system architecture. A compact lightweight mono system with two loudspeaker stacks utilises 2x TLA1163 Line Arrays + 1x TLA210A Powered Sub Bass + 1x TLA210B Passive Sub Bass. A high powered stereo system with two loudspeaker stacks requires 2x TLA1163 Line Arrays + 2x TLA210A Powered Sub Bass. If additional low frequency reinforcement is required an additional 2x TLA210B can be added to this system.

Acoustic Technologies offers several preconfigured TLA1.3 Systems as turnkey solutions, complete with all cabling, transit cases and covers.

The Blackbird TLA1.3 System is ideal for a wide range of portable and installed sound reinforcement applications including live music presentations, house of worship audio, outdoor events and corporate productions.

Blackbird TLA1163 mono system Specifications

System Acoustic Performance
Frequency Response 50Hz – 15kHz ± 3dB
Sensitivity 50Hz – 15kHz ± 3dB
Maximum SPL
(Calculated per TLA1163+TLA210A Stack)
127dB @ 1 metre
High Frequency Dispersion 120°(H) x 15°(V)
System Components
Transducer Complement
TLA1163 Mid High Cabinet
16x 3” Neodymium Transducers
Transducer Complement
TLA210A or TLA210B Sub Cabinet
2x 10” Bass – Mid Neodymium Transducers
System Amplifier Specifications
Input Impedance 10k Balanced
Amplifier Module Output Power 1250 + 1250 Watts RMS
Amplifier Module Type Dual Channel Class D with on-board DSP and Switch Mode Power Supply
Amplifier Protection Over Current, Over Temperature, DC on Outputs
Indicator LEDs Power On, Signal Present, Limit Active
Connectors Signal Input & Signal Link XLR Connectors
BvNET Input & BvNET Link RJ45 Connectors
Powercon AC Mains Inlet
Switches Mains Switch & Circuit Breaker
High Pass Off/50Hz Switch
Factory / User Preset Switch
TLA210A Sub Enclosure Specifications
Physical Size 370mm (W) x 650mm (H) x 520mm (D)
Weight 29Kg
Enclosure Finish AcoustiCoate Black Elastomer
Grille Finish Black Powder Coat
Hardware 8x Aluminium Feet,
2x Handgrips,
2x Pole Mount Adaptor
TLA1163 Mid High Enclosure Specifications
Physical Size (excluding Mounting Spigot) 105mm (W) x 1308mm (H) x 73mm (D)
Weight 6.5Kg
Enclosure Finish Black Powder Coat
Grille Finish Black Powder Coat
Hardware Mount Spigot Assembly
Transit Case to suit the TLA1163
Transit Case to suit 2x TLA210A/B
Canvas Cover to suit the TLA210A
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