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Primacoustic London 12 acoustic treatment – 2 installations

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Primacoustic London 12 room kit is an extremely versatile bundle of acoustic panels that can be used in a variety of applications. I this post, I am writing about two installations that I have been involved in specifying and installing in recent years.

The first installation was within the the new Coomera campus of the Gold Coast College of TAFE.

The second was in a small conference room within the Little Tokyo Two coworking space in Spring Hill, Brisbane.

Gold Coast TAFE

The new campus at Coomera was designed and built to house the Creative Industries School with courses in Music & Music Production and Screen & Media.

The building houses two major studios with associated control rooms along with seven smaller studios for use by the music production students. Each of these facilities had professionally designed acoustic treatment included in the design phase. Custom-built panels were installed in the construction phase.

The building also houses four non-linear edit (NLE) rooms in which the screen and media students edit their video projects. These rooms were designed essentially as standard office spaces. The construction was standard gyprock wallboard over steel frame. You can imagine what the rooms sounded like!!

Better than that – you can hear what the rooms sounded like by watching the video which was shot using an iPhone.

The rooms were treated using the Primacoustic London 12 kit: 2 panels to be installed across corners to act as bass traps; 8 Broadway panels to be distributed around the front of the room; and 12 smaller Scatter Blocks to be laid out in a pattern on the back wall of the room.

The installation was handled by one man working alone.

The resulting sound of the room can be heard in the video. It was a very marked difference to the untreated room, but still sounded quite natural. It didn’t have that “closed in” sound that some “over treated” rooms can have.

This is a great example of the sort of applications which really suit the Primacoustic London kits. These are applications which definitely require some treatment, but which can’t justify the involvement of a professional acoustician.

Little Tokyo Two

Little Tokyo Two is a co-working space for start-ups and small businesses located in Spring Hill, Brisbane.

One of the facilities offered to members is a small conference room which was intended to be used by some members as a location for shooting promotional YouTube videos.

Unfortunately, the room sounded terrible. All surfaces were hard and untreated.

Primacoustic London 12 room kit was selected as the preferred acoustic treatment for a number of reasons:

  • Total wall surface area of the room was XXXsqm and to get nominal 15% coverage required a a total of yyysqm of acoustic treatment panels.
  • Given the small and enclosed nature of the space, along with the fact that it was intended for the recording of male voices, it was felt necessary to have some degree of bass trapping incorporated into the treatment.

Finding an aesthetic arrangement for the Broadway panels and Scatter Blocks in the kit was quite simple and the installation was straight ahead.

However, the placement of the 2 Bass Trap panels was a little more challenging. These panels are usually placed vertically at 45deg across a corner in the room. (This arrangement is clearly seen in the video of the Gold Coast TAFE installation).

Due to the lack of overall floor space in this room, and the fact that the only available corners were already allocated for the future installation of a frame to support a green screen, it was decided to mount the bass trap panels in a horizontal configuration – across the ceiling/wall corner.

This meant that the standard method of mounting these panels would not be appropriate. Instead, it was decided to use lightweight metal springs attached to the panels using Primacoustic Cloud Anchors.These springs would then be anchored to eyelets mounted in the wall and tensioned to retain the panels in place.

The Reverberation Time was measured at 0.81 seconds before treatment. This was reduced to 0.35 secs after the installation. members immediatedly started to comment that room sound so much better and that they were looking forward to holding conferences in the room, and also to shooting the videos.

The following video tells the story.

Primacoustic London 12

Primacoustic London 12 is a room kit containing 22 panels of fabric-covered compressed fibreglass as well as all of the impalers required to easily mount these panels.

These room kits were originally designed as a quick and easy way to treat small recording studios and control rooms, but they are so versatile that they have found their way into many other acoustic spaces – such as home theatres, offices, churches, call centres and broadcast centres.

In the following short video, Peter Janis explains the design and use of the Primacoustic London 12 room kit. He explains aspects of the LEDE (live end / dead end) principle of acoustic treatment as applied to small control rooms.

Other arrangements and layout ideas can be found in the Installation Manual (downloadable pdf document).

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